5 thoughts on “Bunnyfeet Dance”

  1. wandringsoul

    I TRIED to take a photo yesterday and you spurned me. I also tried to capture a photo of your dessert too but was told in NO uncertain terms where to get off!

    Hey – as for the bunny socks… you promised to wear them to bed – and then failed to deliver!


  2. So, what are you saying? If I’d worn the bunny socks and the rubber dress to bed, you wouldn’t have stayed up late playing Warcraft? Hmmph!

  3. wandringsoul

    See – I was being discreet and not mentioned the rubber dress, but you have to admit, it would be a heck of a combination…

    : )

    I’m SORRY about the lateness… the organiser said 6:30 start – allow 3 hours to complete = 9:30 finish. The fact that they FANNIED about til an 8:10 start pissed me off too. And now I have my shiny new chopper, I’m less inclined to arse about waiting for an ever-delayed start time next week. I’m also pushing for it to be moved to either Sat or Sunday afternoon – 3 pm ish – which would coincide with your horsing about antics…

    : )

  4. So, you were being discreet…but Mr. Discreet was prepared to PHOTOGRAPH MY DESSERT OF WARM FUDGE CAKE WITH MARSHMALLOWS AND POST IT ON LJ?

    Hmmmmn, Mr. Discreet?


  5. They are cute socks.they look warm too. I always steal Tim’s socks as he has lots of really thick walking socks.

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