• wandringsoul

    I TRIED to take a photo yesterday and you spurned me. I also tried to capture a photo of your dessert too but was told in NO uncertain terms where to get off!

    Hey – as for the bunny socks… you promised to wear them to bed – and then failed to deliver!


  • uathsaille

    So, what are you saying? If I’d worn the bunny socks and the rubber dress to bed, you wouldn’t have stayed up late playing Warcraft? Hmmph!

  • wandringsoul

    See – I was being discreet and not mentioned the rubber dress, but you have to admit, it would be a heck of a combination…

    : )

    I’m SORRY about the lateness… the organiser said 6:30 start – allow 3 hours to complete = 9:30 finish. The fact that they FANNIED about til an 8:10 start pissed me off too. And now I have my shiny new chopper, I’m less inclined to arse about waiting for an ever-delayed start time next week. I’m also pushing for it to be moved to either Sat or Sunday afternoon – 3 pm ish – which would coincide with your horsing about antics…

    : )

  • uathsaille

    So, you were being discreet…but Mr. Discreet was prepared to PHOTOGRAPH MY DESSERT OF WARM FUDGE CAKE WITH MARSHMALLOWS AND POST IT ON LJ?

    Hmmmmn, Mr. Discreet?


  • bellanna

    They are cute socks.they look warm too. I always steal Tim’s socks as he has lots of really thick walking socks.

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