It snowed most of the day yesterday, then melted a bit, and then froze solid for the trip home. The parking lot at work was lethal, and the small lanes near the stable were very icy. This morning Kip didn’t want to go out to the pasture (can you blame him?) and I practically had to get behind him and push. But now the sun is out, and hopefully tonight it won’t be as freezing for my lesson (this time on Kipper, not Lady, ow my aching legs).

Riding Kip right now is an exercise in strength and a battle of wills; he’s been off for a long time due to various injuries, and he’s very lazy and unfit. Add to that the fact that he is green as grass (again, due to all of the lost time), and he’s not a very pleasant ride. Last time I rode him he was very nappy, dragging his feet, refusing to move out, ignoring my leg, and each time I had to tap him with the whip his back humped up farther and farther. I forced him around the arena one more time and got off before he could decide to really make an effort to buck me off. Little bastard.

Phil picked up a used 4×4 to commute in, a Vauxhall Frontera; hopefully it will last the winter. At least he’ll be safer on the commute. (And if we ever get a horse trailer, it should have no problem hauling that.)

Aside from that, we are counting down to Christmas…and having a week off until the new year!

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