I should be on my way out to the stable, but I am dragging my feet. It is SO damn cold! I have a split in my lower lip right now, a sore throat and everything hurts. I hate the cold.

I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. The takeover bid by one of our competitors should happen mid-month (the board of directors have stated publicly that if they meet the share price, it will be viewed favourably), and we are all worried. To my knowledge, they haven’t talked to anyone about keeping the current web team, so I am not sure what that means. I think if we hadn’t had all of the Blue Martini issues that cost so much money, we would be in a much stronger position than we are. But we shall see what the coming months hold.

As I watch the news, I feel angry at the tourists that have inflicted themselves on tsunami-hit beach areas. I know that the money they bring, any money at all that comes in, is much needed and welcomed. I just hate the thought of them being there, expecting to have all of their needs met, rooms cleaned just so, food and drink service up to par, served by people who live in those areas and have no doubt lost many family members and friends. It bothers me – I could never do it. Go somewhere else…or go there and earn yourself some spiritual brownie points by helping with the relief effort.

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