Everything’s been a mad whirl. (This isn’t really an update, just another quick note.) The snow yesterday was horrendous – two hours to get in, then everyone left early, and our trip home lasted four and a half hours!!! The council hadn’t plowed during the day, nor sent the gritters out, so all the snow from the morning froze into thick sheets of ice. The whole city was like a skating rink, and any small hill was lethal. At one very bad area, Phil was working with some truck drivers to try and push cars over the rise; as they pushed the last one in front of us, and he went to go back to the car for our turn, several people who HADN’T been helping jumped the line and went around. Phil was yelling at them. lol… But we finally got home, exhausted and very cold.

Work has been a round of meetings with various people, as well as trying to learn what I can about their new ecommerce software and also learn about Java and JSP, so I can start building the tag libraries and things that they’ll need. Lots to do…which is wonderful.

Off to try the roads again. Wish us luck!!!

2 thoughts on “Brrrr…”

  1. Good luck, hope you don’t come accross too many idiots. I saw plenty yesterday, mostly people in rangerovers/jeeps trying to take the bend at 40 mph lots of sliding going on. People seem to be going a little slower today.

  2. wandringsoul

    Yeah – the trip home was a farce – we could have driven to Cornwall in less time…

    The 205 was wonderful tho and did so much better than a lot of the other cars on the road…

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