Just went on a walk at lunch, bought two polo-neck jumpers that for once weren’t black (they were charcoal), and returned to do some aimless surfing before going back to work. The recent weather has been interesting, with the intense wind storms and this morning’s snow. Fortunately we didn’t lose power, although the lights dipped alarmingly during the worst of the storms.

P and I took a mini-vacation for Burning Crusade, which sounds sad but was actually a lot of fun. It’s a gorgeous expansion, Blizzard did a wonderful job with it.

The project is going well, and Big Things are afoot.

Trouble (one of the ferrets) went to the vet, as he’d never gained his winter weight, his breathing was rapid, and he was lethargic. He has an enlarged heart, which evidently happens to ferrets – who knew? He was put on medication, which he

3 thoughts on “Brrrr…..”

  1. lol – LJ nodded off while I was trying to submit this, and I forgot to go back and fix it.

    Where was I going with that? I haven’t the faintest. :/ See why I never update LJ? There was tons of (no doubt fascinating) stuff after that.

  2. catwithclaws

    poor ferret boy! my girls never gained winter weight, but Isuspect Alanna had some such near her end.

    YAY for a BC vacation. ha!

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