Bridget Jones

Well, my Xenadrine RFA-1 arrived today. Am v. excited.

lol…I thought I’d start a Bridget Jones type of diary. Every morning I’ll start off with something like:

10 st.
0 cigarettes
2000 units alcohol
2 servings cabbage death-diet soup
4 clandestine pcs. dairy milk

*s* Anyway, I took the first dose today at lunch, and I’m not sure – is it the real thing, or just a substitute with a whacking great dose of caffeine? I opened one of the capsules and tasted it – anyone who has taken ma huang knows that it has a HORRIBLE taste – something like bitter dirt, but a thousand times worse than that. It tasted similar, but not as bad. I have energy, but it is more like the nervous energy you get from caffeine/amphetamines, not the feelgood energy you get from ma huang. We’ll see. If I lose weight, it’s the real thing. Nothing else works like that.

Phil is finally sympathetic to how I feel, but I think only because he hates me as I am. As I do.

We’ll see what happens…I’ll keep you posted. :)

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  1. Gee… we forgot violent mood swings and rampant paranoia resulting in the loss of frienships.

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