Breathing Space

Well, my daughter seems to be feeling better, which is a very big relief. That’s one of the big fears of getting a child through the teenage years: suicide, pregnancy, drug addiction, etc. I should know…I went through it when I was a teen. (Not the pregnancy or drug addiction parts, in case you’re wondering!) I have a pad of scar tissue on the inside of one wrist that will be there until the day I die, and there is a barely-visible tracery of scars up and down the inside of the arm from cutting, although thankfully those were very superficial and didn’t leave much in the way of scarring. It was a way to let the pain out, I suppose; that’s what it felt like to me at the time, anyway. Everything is so over-the-top when you’re a kid, everything is life and death and you have to over-dramatise it all, and some times you accidentally go far enough to end up in hospital for observation.

Anyway, Phil is calling me…dinner is ready and I have to go. I’ll update a bit more later on tonight. Thank you very much for everyone who mailed, it’s appreciated. And Owlslight, I will mail you the phone number. :)

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