Brand New Shiny Shoes

Yaay! Kip has shoes!!! Such a silly thing to get excited over, but I’ve been stressing over the “farrier problem” for ages. These guys (two of ’em, when it rains it pours, it seems) showed up on time and did him right away, doing a good job as well. Lindy had her horse sedated, but she still threw a fit when he tried to pick up her foot, so she was taken back to her stall. Kip was quite concerned after that, and also by the fact that the only men who have touched him recently have been the vet, so he viewed these guys with high suspicion. When he’s nervous, his head shoots up in the air and he seems about 22 hands high. He settled down, though, and was a very good boy. Everyone is always impressed by how good he is for his age. I love my boy. :)

Back to work on the site. Phil was doing my head in by arguing via email about fonts for the frickin’ title. :P

4 thoughts on “Brand New Shiny Shoes”

  1. cheers for a farrier who shows up!

    now if only you can keep this string of good luck for the next appointment …. every time I hear a farrier rant I quietly say thanks for my amazing farrier.

    Now that Kip has shoes, how much working can you do with him? I cannot even imagine what sort of rehab you need or how to tell when he’s ‘ready’ for full work again. Then again, even just good shoes is important for an oversized pasture pet so he doesn’t go lame ;)

  2. Good farriers, like great vets, are beyond price. :) I can’t start Kip back into any serious work until late December; even lungeing will put too much stress on the shoulder. The only thing I’m doing right now is hand-walking him out on the roads, since that shouldn’t stress him much more than being out in pasture. In January I’ll probably do an abbreviated version of re-starting him, and then hopefully be able to pick up from where we were. With the added bonus, of course, of him being much more mature now and hopefully more balanced.

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