Like an unlucky survivor of the zombie apocalypse I seem to have been pulled under and eaten by a massive amount of work lately. Everything else, including exercise, keeping the blog up and any writing have gone by the wayside. I think (fingers crossed) that I’m close to finally coming through the other side.

I’ve been trying to get the time to work on some pre-designed book covers recently and will be adding more in the future. Not having an MMO that I’m excited about playing at the moment has done wonders for my productivity. :) I’ll add them to the Pinterest board as I do them, so check back if you’re interested in inexpensive covers that you can have now.

This is the image from this morning: Save the cheerleader…oh no, crap, too late.


Pre Designed Book Cover

3 thoughts on “braiiiiins”

  1. Great to see you’re still with us, Ravv lol!! This zombie cheerleader makes me want to write her story! But, like you, things have gotten a bit crazy lately and I haven’t been writing… AT ALL! Grrrrrrr. I just can’t wait for this movie to be finished filming so I can get back to it!! xx

  2. I figured that you must be really involved with the movie – I can’t wait to see it! So exciting. :)

    It’s a shame that you haven’t been writing though. Think of all of us poor, starving, addicted readers out here.

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