Boxing Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. Tonight we are lazy and lethargic with too much holiday cheer, but in good spirits. My Christmas was spent as follows:

*After watching Jonathan Ross, I think that I should stick a picture of Shane MacGowan on the drinks cabinet as a cautionary image, much as dieters stick pictures of very fat people up on their refrigerators. Very sad. It’s still one of my favourite Christmas songs, though.

*I wasn’t able to watch Scrooged this year, normally one of my must-watch holiday films.

*Christmas dinner with Phil’s family was very nice. His sister was there with her two wee ones, and I forced Phil to hold the baby. Not sure who looked more horrified, him or her. *s* I don’t like holding other people’s babies. I mean, I like the little fingers and soft skin and all, but they don’t like me and immediately start to cry. I think they sense the tension, or the fact that I don’t have a maternal bone in my body. His sister was warming a bottle while I watched Evie crawling around on the livingroom rug, and she sicked up on the rug and herself. I sat for several seconds, wondering if I should pretend that I hadn’t seen it, but then I sighed and picked her up to clean her and the rug up with baby wipes. She cried. I smelt like babysick. I just don’t *do* babies.

*Doctor Who wasn’t as bad as I feared, although I still think the new Doctor is too lightweight and not complex enough. Back to the old camp doctors, I fear. :(

*I talked to both Morgaine and my family, which was very nice. My sister had a terrible attack on Christmas Eve and had to go to emergency, although she was allowed out for Christmas after EKGs and CAT scans and other tests to see why her heart rate was 155, and why she’d had such a terrible total-body spasm (extremely painful).

*Not much else to tell. After I finished mucking and riding this morning, Phil and I spent the afternoon curled on the couch together watching TV (Spy Kids, which I thought was silly but watchable, but caused Phil much pain). Nice, lazy day.

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  1. catwithclaws

    *I wasn’t able to watch Scrooged this year, normally one of my must-watch holiday films.

    yay! that’s a family classic with me too, and I enjoyed watching it again last night :)

    plus, who says you can’t watch it after xmas? :D

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