Thank you all for the kind words of congratulations – I appreciate it! I handed in my letter of resignation today. Put it in my line manager’s pigeonhole, actually, like a scared rabbit. ;) He called just before I left for lunch and set up a meeting at 1:30. Eeek! I was surprised that he remembered who I was, actually. (“Who? The web designer? We have a web designer?”) lol…

I start the other job at the beginning of February, or sooner if possible. There’s really no loose ends to tie up at the college, no one to train, so that’s it. There are a lot of people that I will miss greatly…but we’ll have to continue our drunken pubcrawls. :)

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  1. wandringsoul

    Good luck with your meeting…and remember I’m very proud of you getting this new job!

  2. wandringsoul

    No – what I MEANT was that they offered it to you so quickly after the 2nd interview that you must have been the only person they thought was good enough to give a second interview TO!

  3. Some years’ back I applied for a job in Cardiff and was rather surprised to get it offered to me about half hour after I’d driven all the way back to London.

    I discovered a week later that the other candidate had been asked ‘Why do you want this job’ and had repled ‘because the job centre told me to apply’!!

    I liked the job though (although, as it turned out, not the location – I just didn’t get on with Cardiff)

    ps. You may have seen my post about my diary omission. I know where you are except for the house number (think I can remember the street name). Could you email it to me please! (vamp [at] vampwillow [dot] com should do it)

  4. Congratulations! I meant to say earlier, but I forgot… :(

    So, what does the new position entail? (oo-er!)

  5. Web developer, for a large company that is presently restructuring and placing more importance on the online side of the business. Very exciting. :)

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