Bosses with empty pockets

We spent most of the night in Ice Claw Village last night, clearing up quests and grinding some XP. Before I realised it, it was 11:30 and I was well aware of how early 6:00 am comes…I am spending too many late nights at the PC, because I’m having so much fun. Ravven dinged 30 and got her lovely Collector’s Edition wings.

There was a lot of competition in the area, including one guild that kept gathering up mobs and running them through our group, hoping to cause us problems; they must have done this two or three times. I just don’t understand the attraction of being a jerk in MMOs. Really – what is it? But we persevered and created a lot of carnage.

There was a boss of sorts located through a portal at the back of the village. Again, like the “boss” in the Training Camp, he dropped nothing. This always shocks me, being as used as I am to Warcraft, where every boss-type encounter will drop loot. If they’re a normal mob, with no loot table, why design a boss fight situation?  That confuses me.

Kinah, or lack of, is becoming a really urgent issue. I’ve maxed out gathering, and need to come up with a metric buttload of kinah to take it to the next level. I have tons of armorsmithing patterns and mats in my warehouse, some of which have been donated by others in the legion, and I can’t afford to level it and still have money for training and soul healing. I do a lot of grinding, but I can’t make any money. Partially this is because I try to send any decent drops, or any crafting mats I get, to people in the legion (as we all have been doing). Boo hoo….I need to reconsider what I am doing. If I can’t afford to level a profession, then I should probably give the mats and designs that I’m holding to someone who is, but that makes me sad.

So basically, I suppose I can sum up my game experience currently as being happy but flat broke.  :D

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  1. As for griefing, you’d be surprised how many otherwise normal and pretty nice people find griefing others very amusing.
    I spent some time on Sporeggar realm where I had opportunity to experience Good Squad guild. I am sorry to say that, perhaps I am old, sad, non-fun git, but their presence was most annoying even if we were on same side. They ruled public chat and forums with iron fist, and getting back to realm without Goon guild was like breath of fresh air.
    Now write something bad about Aion, I don’t want to be lured into trying it goddamit! Oh well, on my pc it will crawl, so at least I am safe for now, as I don’t plan to replace it yet:-)

  2. You were on the same server as Goon Squad? Good grief – they’re notorious in many games. Some of them have moved into Aion, fortunately not on a server that I would be playing on.

    You know the worst thing about Aion? NCSoft. Absolutely appalling customer service, such as the recent banning issue. Goldseller spam is so bad that you can’t use chat, and bots are everywhere…so finally they had a mass banning of players, many of them completely innocent (they may have put something in the auction house which someone who had bought kinah then bought). On a Friday night. Meaning that the innocent people who got banned couldn’t get a response all weekend, and then well into the next week because they were so slammed with complaints. It’s a horrible, horrible company for customer support.

    But the game itself? Beautiful, and so damned much fun. I love it.

  3. Yep, I experienced Goons on my own bear thick hide. Whats peculiar, when I first transfered there and didn’t knew who Goons are, I talked and dealed with some of them and they were genuinely nice smart people. However, after witnessing their behaviour for couple more months, I lost all sympathy for them and just wished them out.

    Lack of customer service, bots and goldsellers, thats not bad reason to not try Aion, thanks:-) But you, have fun there!

  4. Hello Ravven,
    Yes Aion has been great fun, I have a Cleric lvl 21 on Elyos side and I love healing ppl :D
    On another note the queues on my server are much better, instead of the 2 hours. I manage to get in 5 minutes or so.

    ps: Have created a website for the legion – and id be very happy if you could visit us and tell me your webdesigner opinion ;)


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