I feel very restless today, at loose ends and unhappy with everything. Partially it’s because we haven’t had the money or the free time to do anything, partially because I’ve been so stressed over work and the house, and I wanted to get away and do something different.

I had the brilliant idea of taking Phil away somewhere next weekend for his birthday, as there wasn’t anything that I could buy him that he would really like; I had scheduled Friday off (his birthday) and was pricing hotels in London and B&Bs in Wales. J at work has been talking to several of the guys about this local business forum that he has been working to set up, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it. I just found out that it was (of course) next Friday, Phil’s birthday, and he expected me to be there. Thanks for telling me, thank you for involving me. I haven’t even had an email! Anyway, we went into the hall for a private conversation about me not supporting him, etc., etc., and although I told him that I just wasn’t going to be there, I will probably wimp and do it. I talked to Phil about it this morning. I was too stressed, headachy and on the verge of tears to do it last night. He understood, of course, but I’m still very upset about it.

I really HATE being taken for granted, and not deemed important enough to include in plans. If I am to take part in something, at least cc me on the frigging emails…

Ok, I’m still stressed. But at least the headache has gone, for the moment.

We’re also lagging way behind on the house-buying timeline, because there is some mouthbreathing neanderthal that has to do the survey, has been PAID a lot of money to do a survey, and cannot fit it into his schedule. After all of this, it will be incredibly sad and stupid to lose the house because of some idiot.

Grrr….I think I need some scotch. It’s raining and cold, and I need the comfort.

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