Still working on new layouts for the shopping cart system…zzzzzzzz…it shouldn’t be this difficult. You should be able to code something that will let someone go through the buying process in as few steps as possible, with the least amount of confusion and resulting lack of confidence in the company. It should be a logical process, right? You do your best, and then you sit down to watch the videos of test subjects from the usability labs.

…and you are completely flabbergasted.

People do bizarre things. They ignore totally obvious, large, coloured buttons that all but scream “Click me! I am the Next Step!!!” They click on options that are clearly marked with a message that indicates they do something else, and then they freeze in confusion. And so you go back to the drawing board.


I am eating a prepackaged plastic bowl of fresh pineapple for lunch, using my fingers because I forgot a fork. I am a classy lady. I am avoiding the piece of pineapple that has a disturbing brown tint because I have this thing about fruit; I can’t eat any fruit unless it’s crisp and perfect and unbruised. Weird.


Phil is spec’ing out a new gaming machine, to feed his terrible WarCrack addiction. He has taken his character to the dizzying heights of Level 60, and his machine is no longer good enough for him. It was cheaper in the days when he was only interested in porn…the spec of the computer didn’t matter as much, as long as we had broadband.



Yes, I am avoiding work.

1 thought on “bored”

  1. wandringsoul

    Well, for porn you just need a good big hard drive and windows media player!!

    For hundred player raids in Warcraft you need ot maintain a frame rate somewhere above the current 2 fps that I’m now getting when I try and assault the horde scum!!

    The 1.9 ghz 512mb 233 hmz ram option and 64mb graphics card just aren’t cutting it! Though we DID buy my pc second hand from a card in Kiwksave remember and YOUR beast cost HOW much? lol

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