Supporting the Book Community: Giveaway

Starting in 2016 I had a giveaway for a free cover and ended up giving away two. I plan on continuing this for as long as I can, and will repeat the contest again this year for 2018.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – disputed/various

These last two years or so have been the human equivalent of a dumpster fire in a lot of respects. The world has gotten less kind, more actively cruel. Bigots, misogynists and fundamentalists of all types are emboldened to let their flags fly without fear of repercussion, and hate is normalised. I want to contribute support in whatever way that I can (not having a voice that is heard by many, nor possessing any money to contribute to good causes) to support a more inclusive and diverse world. Hence, free covers once a year.

What I’m looking for (from the original post):

A story which features a diverse main character, by which I mean someone who is not white, straight, male, cis, whatever. Those stories exist by the millions and that’s fine…but there are other stories out there that deserve an audience.

We all need heroes. As kids we need to see ourselves reflected in some sense in the media that we love, and those heroes can’t always be straight white males because that isn’t the world as it is. I was a girl in a small town, just about as wonderbread as they come, but I yearned for kickass stories about girls who had adventures, girls who were looking for Ms. Right rather than Mr. Right, girls who approached life like a goddamn boss. Sure, I had Podkayne…but there were few examples of female military heroes, older female starship captains and so on. I wanted an example of what the world might hold for someone past the Adventure Girl phase that didn’t involve falling in love and being a part of someone else’s story.

Send me your ideas or comment on this year’s post if you would like to participate, and sometime before the Christmas holidays I’ll choose a winner.

2016 Winners

2017 Winners