boo sucks

LJ is being sucky today, which figures because I am off work today and have the breathing space to read and update. *grrrrr*

Got rained on all morning. Didn’t take Kip to the chiro, since she couldn’t come out and the wedging-Kip’s-fat-ass-into-the-trailer episode was decidedly unsuccessful. I did get a number of an osteopath who DOES make housecalls, however, and will try to set an appointment with him.

I may have a horse that I can have on loan for a bit, which would be good – they’re trying to sell him, but he’s young and needs a lot more mileage and work, so it would be good for both of us. I can have Kip’s back seen to, then pull his shoes and turn him out for the summer, and still be able to ride, do some local shows, etc. The horse is small, a 15.1 Welsh Section D, four years old; not what I would buy, but beggars can’t be choosers. :)

I don’t know how it is in the States, but white-padded bridles are out of style now and diamante-studded leather browbands are in. I actually saw a horse tiara for sale on eBay…I kid you not.

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  1. When I get my minature ponies I just have to have the tiaras, they’d llook so cute, of course I’d then have to buy my goats one each so they did not feel left out. I need a house with more land so I can start my menagerie.

  2. catwithclaws

    Welsh cob! *envy*

    I cannot imagine a chriopractor who doesn’t make barn calls. How bizzare :P and rude, imho. “you must come to me, even at increased distress and pain to your already injured horse”. erm.. yeah.

    no clue on bridle fashions over here. white padded will always be ‘in’, just because it’s classic. Course, the 2 I have are for show-only, although I might get one for Draven’s every day wear… once I figure out what size bridle he’s going to be. shorter head, big nose, small mouth. Ugh. Probably an oversize with lots of extra holes punched into. I’ll probably have to take it to the leather shoe shop to get buckles adjusted to shorter lengths.

    excuse my ignorance, but what is an osteopath ?

  3. The cob sold today. :( poo.

    Yeah, the chiropractor thing really pissed me off. An osteopath, to my understanding, is kind of half way between a chiropractor and a physical therapist. They work on muscles, as well as bones. Both of them have to be qualified for people, first, before they can go for the equine qualification.

    Do they have cob sizes in the States? I can’t remember. There are so many of them here, that sizes usually go pony/cob/full/xfull. A cob wouldn’t have as long a head as a warmblood, but it would be very broad across the upper part of the head.

  4. catwithclaws

    They have section D cobs here but they are HARD to find and not nearly as common. Which is a shame as I utterly adore them :) just not a big crowd for them, although I’d think they’d be great family mounts and good for kids who’ve outgrown ponies but don’t want insane TBs :P

    Draven is my attempt to breed a cob-like horse :P I looked at a few section Ds to cross Dot with but the size differential was too big as they were all VERY small section Ds, or were ones I’d have to ship wigglers over for breeding (I rather like to meet the ‘dad’ myself first…). Okay, so Draven’s going to be big (16.2 or more), but he’s got the SIZE I wanted for a cob-like horse.

    And yes, someday I’ll get a smaller cob :) just because!

    The chiropractor I used until he retired also did muscle therapy and acupuncture as well as some holistic supplement stuff. Gods, I wish he were still around! but he sold his farm out here and retired in North Carolina, last I heard. Dr. Ridgeway was amazing and I’d hang around just to watch appointments, they were that educational. I suspect he could be considered a osteopath too, although he did a lot of different stuff, it was his chiropractic work, saddle fitting and all the endurance vet stuff he did that he was most well known for. I still consider it a miracle that he was already in town and able to see Ally 24-48 hours after he subluxated his lumbar vertebrae. I don’t trust any other chiropractors with such a severe issue, nor do I even really know any that I’d trust. Bah, someday I’ll ask around and figure out who it is that people use these days.

    Good luck with the osteopath! he/she might be more of what Kip needs in anycase :)

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