Boo Sucks

Yesterday was as bad as I expected it to be. The retail lady (lady used very loosely here) who has been scheming for my boss’ job was, indeed, announced as his successor yesterday, and had a very smug meeting with the team. This was followed by a meeting with the senior members of the team wherein we tried to bring her up-to-speed on basic concepts such as PPC, SEO, etc., as well as what merchandising the site for the Christmas holidays would entail.

I shit you not.

I am so out of there. I think I’ll grab any contract work that I can, and take some time to look around and decide what I want to do.

I’m for sale. I can’t offer you my soul, because that has been systematically destroyed over the past two years, but I can offer senior-level experience in web development, design, information architecture, search optimisation, and multimedia (Flash, video editing, etc.).

I’m alternating between relief, terror and absolute, black depression. And I’ve been awake since 3:00 am.

6 thoughts on “Boo Sucks”

  1. I hope today is a bit easier for you. I’ll let you know if anyone I know mentions jobs. Quite often the talker newsletter has jobs advertised (people on there mostly work for BBC and telecoms companies) Good luck with the searching.

  2. eep! saw about this on my race-to-catch-up-a-bit last night and yup, get out while the getting is good (one has to question the people higher in the food chain who appoint someone as a boss who doesn’t even know the basics of that job! talk about appointing someone who will run it into the ground …)

    Hope you find something nicer …

  3. Thanks – I appreciate that. :) I normally get quite a few calls from agencies, which I ignore, and now that I could really use them, do they call? Of course not.

  4. Yeah, the company is in shit shape anyway due to mismanagement, and the site lost a lot of money for various reasons (idiot decisions, not enough product in-stock, and also the fact that we sell luxury goods that not many people want anymore), so someone’s head had to roll. But really, I wouldn’t say “hey, retail management looks easy, I think I’ll have a go!” so why should someone be given the same opportunity to do that on an ecommerce site? SO stupid.

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