Boo Housework

We’ve just finished a ton of it. I’ve been too tired lately, and Phil doesn’t see anything unless he trips over it, so it has built up as of late. I hate a messy living space; it makes me feel as though my life is out of control.

Today we went to a local riding club show that was quite nice, very relaxed and non-stressful for the participants. There were some seriously nice horses there, but none as nice as Kip will be if he ever gets back on his feet. :) Lindy and Jane were going to ride, but Lindy couldn’t get Larkin in the trailer, so we went to watch Jane ride. I’m so jealous…I want to be there with Kip.

Not much else to tell; I’m tired of talking about work and there seems to be nothing else in my life right now. Work and work and work.

Some interesting things that I saw recently:

1. Several deer standing in a field. Not a big deal back home, but it is here – they’re the first I’ve seen. I’m not sure what they were: red deer? roe deer? I don’t know. Red-coloured with white spots, but adults not fawns.

2. I saw a driver’s training car with the slogan Bat Out of “L” on the side. Cute.

3. In the canal on one of my lunchtime walks I saw a swan family: two adults, and four adolescent swans, still in greyish-brown, but almost as big as the adults.

We went to Ashbourne yesterday, and I bought some nice silk Eastern trousers, slit up the front of each leg and tied around the waist. Very cool and comfy.

Oh, well…it’s stable time. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to muck I go.

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