Body Image

Body image can be a strange thing. Think of the anorexic who looks at herself in the mirror, painfully thin, and sees a fat person looking back at her. We are all like that at times. Do we ever see ourselves as we really are?

I know that the way I see myself can change radically – from one moment to the next. I can get dressed to go out, tiny black dress, strappy sandals, look in the mirror, and and feel beautiful and sexy. I anticipate having fun and flirting and feeling sensual all night. Then Phil will walk in, look me up and down with his patented sneer, and walk out…then I look back in the mirror and see this sad, dumpy person looking back at me. Away goes the black dress, out come the black cargo pants, and the evening is very dreary.

It doesn’t always have to do with other people (I do tend to be hyper-sensitive to Phil’s opinions); I can feel fat in the morning, grotesque even, and then catch sight of the reflection of a slim woman walking past a store window and realise that she is me.

We won’t even mention the stereotypical guys who always, with that male ego-vision (man glasses, rather than beer glasses), think they look hot. Even if they have beer bellies and hairy backs…guys ALWAYS think they look fine.

All I can say is…it must be nice. I’d love to look in the mirror every morning and say “Damn! You are one HOT bitch!!!”


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  1. I’m afraid there is no patented sneer…I always think you look great…there are times when you’ll be upset cos of how I’ve looked at you, and I’m bemused cos I haven’t thought you looked anything but great…I’ve always found you to be sexy, whether in sweats or going out clothes…I just wish you knew…

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