Blustery Day

It was gorgeous out at the stable tonight; the weather was exactly like the Pooh story about the blustery day, very crisp and windy, trees bent almost double, horses all doing aerial ballet. If Kip had been any more airborne, I could have towed him along like a big Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. :)

Since I can’t ride him yet, we were working on long-reining, only at a walk. He was good, and as usual I hate the feeling of the long reins; perhaps I just suck at it, but I feel as though the contact is too heavy, too late. It’s probably me – I’ll have to practice. Lighter lines would help, as well, since I’m using regular lunge lines which I think are too heavy.

Congrats to Lee Pearson from Staffordshire, who just won a gold medal in the Paralympic Games in Dressage. Lee has won in open competition, against fully able riders, which is incredible. I can’t remember what his disability is, something muscular. Someone at the stable (his brother shoes horses here) said that he had to have his arms and legs “set” in a more usable configuration. I think that is amazing, and I feel like an idiot for complaining that I can’t realise my dreams because of stupid reasons.

Lee Pearson, from Cheddleton, Staffordshire, won the gold medal in the grade I individual dressage competition with a score of 67.96 per cent in Sydney today. Lee was supprised at his result -“I was aiming for a medal in Kur (freestyle to music) so this was a bonus. We’ve still got the team championships, that’s the most important. I just want to do well on Saturday for the team.”

Yaay, Lee! And your stunning, gorgeous horse, as well, who I have lusted after for ages. :)

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  1. that in fact is EXACTLY what I dislike about longlines! it is so so so bit heavy. I use them to get a horse used to the bit, which is a huge plus. Drakkara has a completely good ‘whoa’ in her, where as Denali did not — would toss her head up and evade the bit yet stop the first few weeks.

    But when I long line Ally (who is fully trained and no baby) I can see how it’s just not ‘right’ for him. I cannot ‘follow’ with the reins at the walk and give him that “give” that he needs in each step. At the trot it is a bit better, but still…. nothing takes the place of legs on a horse. I do it as an exercise, not to replace riding or training, since I don’t want him getting heavy on the bit.

    Yea! for Kip being good enough on such a day to let you work with him a bit :) Hope he keeps healing so well.

  2. Yes, I think I’m just going to hand-walk him out on the roads until I can ride him again. I hated the feeling of the weight of the lines pulling at his mouth. And reacting to his movement was just too slow – too much distance, too much weight, too little feel.

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