Blustery Day

Not a great day for Lizzie – she was slightly “off”, as she is at times, and didn’t work out of it as she normally does. So we took a walk on the roads instead, and due to the very blustery winds she was very tense. The were some kids playing up the street with skateboards or trikes or something very noisy, and that was it…we made it back to the stable finally, and I was thankful to be back.

Latest gossip from the barn: the girl at the tack/feed store in town woke up last night, feeling awful, and finally figured out that her water had broken…she didn’t know that she was pregnant. I saw her a few weeks ago, and she definitely didn’t look pregnant. I can’t imagine how that would feel. It would be traumatic enough to realise that you’d accidentally become pregnant; I can’t imagine waking in the middle of the night, scared because you didn’t know why you felt so horrible, and then realising that you were (surprise!) going to be a mother in a few hours. Good grief…poor girl.

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