Due to the lack of internet access, it’s been a long time since I was able to update this. Unfortunately, this will be a condensed version of my first weeks here. I am writing this from my re-assembled computer, in the second bedroom of the townhouse that we have rented. I am very happy – […]

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We’re Here!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive. ;) I am doing this on Phil’s parents’ computer, and I am aware of the call charges accruing, so it will be short. The trip was VERY long (I’ll write about that later), but it has been wonderful to meet his family

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The Road to LA

Quick note from my parents’ house – we are FINALLY on our way! I have a horrendous headache, but the apartment is clean, and the car is filled with our totally enormous, extremely heavy suitcases. Tomorrow morning, early, we’ll leave for Los Angeles. Tuesday we’ll take care of my spousal visa, and Wednesday we’ll sightsee

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Almost There…

This will probably be the last entry before we leave. I will try to find internet cafes along the way, but access for the first month is bound to be sporadic. Last night we packed our suitcases, and were appalled at how much we’re either going to have to ship, or leave behind. The clothes

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We did it…we’re married. I’m sure it feels just as unreal to Phil as it does to me. I haven’t been able to post because the DSL has already been turned off, so I’m posting on my lunch from work. A quick recap: May 17th: The Stag Night We went to Scandals with Eric and

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Stag Night

Last day at work before the wedding, and there is SO much to do. Tomorrow we’ll be baking cake layers, ready to be put together on Sunday morning. Phil’s mom sent us an e-card, since the phone has been turned off and she won’t be able to call. Tonight we’re having a joint stag party

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Wedding Plans

I’m so upset today. We’re not having a formal wedding with groomsmen and bridesmaids, but I had asked Shaun to carry the rings for us. Shaun and I are very similar in personality and outlook, we’ve worked together for ages and been roommates; I really wanted him there. Yesterday he found out that they are

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