Wow, it has been a while since I’ve written anything here. I mean, a lot has happened, what with Covid and lockdowns and living in a kind of perpetual lockdown after that (we got Covid twice and are still feeling the effects, I wasn’t excited at the prospect of getting it a third time). A

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Daz Sale

I’ve been thinking about doing a tutorial series on both fantasy art and book cover art, as I know that these times are tough for everyone. Authors without a lot of design knowledge and skills would be ill-advised to do their own covers, of course, but art to accompany freebies, shorts, promo material, etc., is

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Patreon Thoughts

I started a Patreon under a different name because I was interested in doing something completely new in order to keep my art from becoming stale. As anyone who has ever made the change from just having fun with something to it being their only source of professional income knows, it’s wonderful to be able

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Happy 2020

…and doesn’t that sound like a sci-fi date? I would have expected Bladerunner-esque cities by now, rather than our current world. I’ve been thinking about new projects for the coming year, one of them being my own tarot set. I’m kind of feeling like something that mixes Celtic mythology and the fae with the dystopian

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Experiment: Custom Premades

I’m starting an experiment with predesigned book cover art that is somewhat customisable. I’ve tried this before, and ended up with people who wanted a full custom cover for the predesigned price, but I think it’s worth trying again. The problem with custom covers is that increasingly they are done with a design-by-committee approach, as

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