Blog Whining Day

…or “whingeing”, as they would say here in the UK. I totally forgot about Blog Whining Day. It may have been yesterday, I don’t know – I’ve been lost in a haze of work and stress and site mockups and wireframes and ecommerce site builds and I’M JUST SO FRICKIN’ STRESSED! WAAAAAH!

Is that enough of a whine? :D

I’ve hardly logged in in days, due to the aforementioned Real Life Suckage. Yesterday I finally made my flight reservations for my trip back home to the US (I was scheduled to go home in May, as my mother is quite ill, but it seemed as though we might be on shorter time than I hoped, so I moved it up). I am totally, totally panicked at the thought of going home. Oh, I want to go home, I miss my family desperately. It’s the thought of flying that is making me so tense. I had so many security issues last time, which led to me missing connecting flights, which led to me sitting in airports for ages like a displaced person. I don’t like the thought of full-body scanners. I hate the rudeness of TSA personnel and the whole cattle-car feeling of it. But at least I’ll be home, finally.

While I’m having a whinge, the last time I logged into game I had the same damned problem back with framerates of 9-15 fps. I can’t do any group runs like this. It is so infuriating.

OK, enough whining for one day. I haven’t run out of things to whine about, but I’ll want to slap myself if I continue. :D

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