Blizzard: It’s Time to Update Avatars

With every expansion, we’ve seen newer, more visually complex and rich armour. They’re true to the very stylised look of Warcraft, of course, but they are beautiful. (With the exception of caster robes – what the hell is up with those?  Who is so in love with patchwork that every damned robe has to be composed of little blocks of colour? Where are the sexy robes, like my old Robes of the Battleguard, which I still keep for RP?)

Instances are gorgeous as well. Warcraft is one of those games that, although they have a stylised look and want the game to run well on most systems, can truly make your jaw drop.I’ll never forget seeing Sunwell for the first time.

Avatars, however, look as though they haven’t changed since launch. Every time I look at my character’s spatulate hands, composed out of a child’s set of triangular blocks, it makes me sad. Surely by now we could have proper hands for our avatars?

And while you’re at it, please update the faces on male characters. Although I’m not a big fan of playing male characters, I can if they are pretty or interesting enough. I don’t see how anyone plays human or night elf males, with their snarling faces. The best of them look as though they’re in need of a really strong laxative.

Really, it’s just not good enough anymore.  :)

6 thoughts on “Blizzard: It’s Time to Update Avatars”

  1. Few Males play Male characters, I mean I don’t, if I have to look at the back end of a character all night I don’t want it to be male!

  2. Raziel, respectfully disagree. Most of my firends/guildies play characters of their own gender, and I think I can safely asume that genderbenders are significant, yet still minority.

    As for back end – for me, character is more like alter ego in fantasy world than toy to play with, so shape of his/her backside doesn’t matter.

    But back to original topic, male models are just sad. I play human male who looks like ugly doll on steroids. Perhaps thats why I adore Taurens, they look awesome regardless of gender;-P

  3. What I never understood is why do troll females stand up straight, but troll males don’t? :) That’s part of the reason I never play undead, I hate the hunched-over stance.

    I agree that for many people, you play characters who are alter egos – it’s why I don’t play males unless I can play a very specific physical type. I relate to women almost exclusively, but occasionally I can “inhabit” a slender, almost pretty male. I just don’t relate well to macho guys, I don’t like bodybuilder types, and if I was ever going to play a “meat shield” type of character, SHE would be a tough, hardbitten female warrior. A bit like Zoe on Firefly (although she’s decidedly gorgeous).

    But I think people who inhabit their characters in MMOs are in the minority – I know many, many guys who like to play female characters because they are separate from them – they play them, they don’t identify with them or inhabit them. But that’s not why I play MMOs. :)

  4. So, Fox-girl, you are gently saying, that I am nerd from rp realm?:-)

    Still think that most people play their own gender, be it for immersion, being unsafe about their sexuality or most often, because its most obvious choice.

    Nothing against genderbenders, thou. As long as they dont pick female Taurens. That breaks my heart!

  5. Well, I’m a nerd on mostly non-RP realms! :D I always kind of play as my character, if that makes sense. Kit’s always had a personality and a history, and I kind of inhabit her when I play. If I don’t get that connection, they usually tend to join the stable of abandoned alts that I have. But I do think I play differently than most people do.

  6. TFM I get your point and I do agree I am generalising. I also agree with Ravven I know many Males playing female characters and ageing with you I know Many who play Males. I don’t think it’s an identification, thing a nerd or…well anything negative.

    As a player we want to experience and MMO our way, either by RP or just as yourself, the screen representation is an avatar, how the player interprets that avatar is up to them. You either see it as an extension of you and make it to appear how you would like to appear if you were in game, or you play a character that mealy pleases you to play. Neither is right or wrong and neither is nerd or normal, although the definition of normal is one I don’t agree exists.

    In short, play how you want, and don’t judge.

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