RIP Crocodile Hunter…not a surprise, to be honest, but a shame nonetheless. Stingray attacks are quite rare, so I’m assuming that he was in the middle of one of his up-close-and-personal stunts when it all went wrong. He knew the risks though, so cheers to someone who did what he loved no matter how dangerous it was.

I wish the cold, grey weather would stop; it’s quite depressing. Winter is already here…barely into September!

Work has been horrible – we are so late on the project that it isn’t even funny. I had made the decision to completely tear apart and recode the entire site in .NET, planning on that being finished by the beginning of September. We’re not even close, and I can’t start work on the architecture or layout or anything else until we have the account/user/permission structure in place. With the change to .NET, I’ll move from developer to more of a purely project manager role, along with the SEO work and the site design (yaaay – that was a battle that I was happy about winning!). Consequently, I have nothing to do right now, and I am going mad. My ulcers have ulcers, and I can’t escape the tension of too late, too late.

Not a happy bunny…

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  1. cadavre__exquis

    My coporate employer recoded their massive site in .NET. It was something of a nightmare, because they rushed the whole thing. Lots of database issues and such.

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