Too cold and rainy to do anything today – this morning I went to the stable, intending on just turning Lizzie out in the outdoor arena, but due to freezing rain decided not to, so just mucked and fed and left her all snug. I couldn’t get the car up the slight incline out of the farm gate, just spun out, and had to put shovel-fuls of gravel and grit down before I could get traction. One of the other boarders was helping me, and it was quite amusing to see her “skiing” down the slope in slow motion with a shovel of grit. :) Phil will have to bring me back in the Frontera this afternoon.

Our stray cat hasn’t appeared all last night and today – I really hope he’s ok.

I had intended on just giving up on my CMS project and installing Mambo today, but my head feels as though it’s full of wet cotton wool, and I just want to snuggle by the fire. Ick. I hate being sick.

Harry Potter was gorgeous, but I was disappointed by the massive plot changes required to bring it down to a manageable length. I knew they were going to cut a lot of things like the Quidditch World Cup, but I was shocked at how much was changed or cut out. The people who have never read the books are missing so much – it’s a pity, since the movies have been visually gorgeous and I love the actors. Such a shame.

Ack – I’m going back to wrap up by the fire and read. I feel totally useless today. Due to a lack of books (I can go through a novel in a couple of hours), I have been scavenging my bookshelves for something to read. Am presently re-reading Coldheart Canyon by Clive Barker. I don’t like all of his books, but I did like this one – perhaps because I used to live in a historic Hollywood place myself (although one that was considerably less weird).

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  1. It is miserable today, I’ve been out with the dogs a few times and lost all feeling in my hands dispite wearing wooly gloves with thick leather gardening gloves on top. I don’t blame you for wanting to curl up in the warm.

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