I haven’t felt much like posting recently, for some reason. Haven’t really commented anywhere, haven’t done much of anything. Everything is in flux right now, and I’ve been readjusting to a normal work week; I am already tired of winter and cold and darkness. Blech.

I need to make a decision VERY soon about going back to the States. I need to go back asap, as the longer I wait the worse my mother is going to get. I’m a bit nervous about flying right now, I admit. I don’t want to sit in an airport for days, waiting to get on a flight that keeps getting cancelled due to the air marshal issue. I’m also a bit concerned about all of the invasive “security” checks in place now. Not that I have anything to hide, I may bitch about how much I hate Bush, but I’m not a terrorist…but still, would the fact that I no longer want to live in the US, and have been resident in the UK for two years raise a flag? I don’t know. The country was still recognisable as America when I left, and two short years later I’ll be returning to this nightmare Orwellian country without any protection against its despotic government.

What happened? Are the American people finally going to wake up and try to vote Dubya out of office, only to find out that he clandestinely signed away their voting rights?

From Wired:

“While the nation was distracted last month by images of Saddam Hussein’s spider hole and dental exam, President George W. Bush quietly signed into law a new bill that gives the FBI increased surveillance powers and dramatically expands the reach of the USA Patriot Act.

The Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 grants the FBI unprecedented power to obtain records from financial institutions without requiring permission from a judge.

Under the law, the FBI does not need to seek a court order to access such records, nor does it need to prove just cause.”

Doesn’t this scare you people? I’ll be honest, it scares the fuck out of me.

5 thoughts on “Blah”

  1. I don’t understand how so many Americans can ignore what he is doing, grrrrr. So passive, or occupied with frivolous protests which do nothing.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about security unless you are trying to bring back a sword with you in your carry on..

    the only issues you should have with delays would be on European air lines that havn’t agreed to use sky marshals.. although I suspect if you use an American based airline you won’t have any issues at all…

    And yes we’re scared by all this shit.. but we know we can at least try to remove the clown next fall…

  3. I think he’ll probably be re-elected, and I can’t understand how. My parents are going to vote for him, for god’s sake! :(

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