Bizarre Dreams

Not only did I have insomnia last night (not surprising after all the stress of the day), I had very odd dreams when I did sleep. I dreamt that Lizzie broke free again, and as I was trying to chase her down she fell into a river. I tried to get her out, but a bear bit my hand and wouldn’t let go. My daughter was in the dreams, and I couldn’t give her what she needed (can’t remember what it was) because I was searching for Lizzie – not hard to interpret THAT. There was a huge horse tied to a fence alongside a narrow path, and a man started to walk behind him; I tried to warn him to be careful, but the horse kicked him and then trampled him. And then I broke my neck.

Hopefully the last one wasn’t a sign or prophetic dream. :(

I have a lesson scheduled tonight, and it will be the first time Sally sees the now-famous Lizzie. I’m interested to see what she thinks of her. Phil is going to video the lesson.

Must watch out for bears.

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