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First, regarding the VERY good piece of news that I received today: AHHHHHGGGHHHH!!!! YIPPEE!!! Congratulations!!!!

:) I would have put that in email, but your damn server kept rejecting my damn email, so I can’t mail you. *sigh*


And now, back to a subject that I am sure we’re all interested in:

Tampons used to come with cardboard applicators. Over the last several years, due to a desire for more environmentally-friendly packaging and a very PC feeling that women should love their bodies/not be afraid to touch themselves/celebrate their womanhood/whatever, the packaging on many products has been removed. Today’s woman, faced with a purse-friendly applicator-less little package, has to insert said tampon as deeply as possible with a finger. All well and good…until you’re in a public restroom.

Blood is not something that one should share with the world at large. Even with hands scrubbed clean with toilet paper, you are still leaving (in the words of the TV cop shows) DNA evidence on everything you touch on the way to the sink.

Possibly -ok, probably- a strange topic. But it was something that I was thinking about today. If ten women out of a building of two hundred or so leave blood traces on the stall lock and handle during a given day, that’s a bit, well, ick when you think about it. I admit that it might just be me being weird. It’s not as though I have a phobia about people’s blood…I’ve shared it on occasion. But still. Ick.

Ok, you’re safe now. No more wimmins-bidness talk. :P

I have to admit that I do not, nor have I ever possessed, psychic powers. If I had them, there would be at least two people that would be lying stone cold dead under their desks at work right now.

Probably a good thing.

3 thoughts on “Bits n Pieces”

  1. Thank you. *big hugs* And thanks for the discretion, too. We’ve not gone public on LJ for reasons I’ll explain later.

    On the girly-bit of your post – um, yeah. Have to admit I’d not thought of that until just now. Um. Thanks. I think. *puzzled look*

  2. wandringsoul

    Oh, jeez…great…thanks…and I haven’t even had my morning biscuit yet…the thought of dunking now just turns my stomach…

    : )

  3. *giggles*

    I’ll make sure I don’t talk about my Keeper with you then!
    *goes and hides*

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