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First, from , via PopBitch: DogHorse. Camilla Queen, destined to be a classic.

Secondly, from a company-wide email from Human Resources regarding a CleanUp day tomorrow: “Casual dress down clothes can be worn on Friday and departments are allowed to bring in some music. Please remember not to use pirate copy CD’s on the PC’s unless they have been virus checked by the Helpdesk. Remember to be considerate to anyone who is working.”

Cool, so the company is officially endorsing pirated music…as long as its virus-free. This company is cooler than I thought. lol…

From The Register: Brit workers excel at skiving. Surely not…I don’t know anyone like that. Ahem.

New figures have shown that Brit workers lead the world in “desk skiving” – the art of aimlessly faffing about at their posts when they should be lining shareholders’ pockets with filthy lucre. Shockingly, the maths demonstrate that a third of workers may be taking fourteen days extra hols a year while a hard core of eight per cent admit that they are texting, doing personal emails or surfing the web for interesting stories on skiving British workers for an astounding 12 weeks per annum.

Finally, today I had Kip tethered outside when it started to rain. It was fairly light rain, and no hail or dogs or cats was beating down on us, so I carried on…there were some light-ish spots in the sky, after all, and it could stop anytime. I groomed him as he got wetter and wetter, then tacked him up. After a bit, I kind of sat back and thought “I feel so British.” hahaha…that amused me greatly.

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