This weekend was spent with friends, talking and gaming and eating spicy jalapeno pizza.  Very nice weekend.  Lolcat revelled in all of the adoration due adorable fluffy kittens, we took a break to see Harry Potter, and talked a lot about WoW.

Bioshock is gorgeous.  P and Raz took turns playing, as I wanted to wait to play it on my own, with the lights off and no one else around.  The visual style is incredible, very decayed Art Deco; every door, every floor or wall texture was beautiful.  The storyline seems to be quite deep, and I look forward to playing it out on my own.  (And yeah, I probably will kill Little Sisters.)  Lovely, lovely game.

I took some stolen time to level my baby mage a bit.  I’m considering making her a main eventually.  I’d love to make Kit my main, but that seems impossible.  Poor hunters.  I haven’t played Kit very much lately due to needing to leave her current guild.  I’d joined because of a couple of people who I’d done instances with, who have unfortunately since left to go to raiding guilds.  The people left are mostly kids, and (worse!!!) kids who aren’t shy about asking to be boosted through instances.  My play time is limited…I don’t want to run you through BRD.  Who the hell does BRD anymore?  And so I hide, and don’t play the character that I enjoy the most.

Work is sheer hell, and gaming is my escape…it’s probably helped keep me sane during the worst times.  This is crunch time, and I need my fantasy when I get home.  Thank you Blizz, gods bless Azeroth.

5 thoughts on “Bioshock”

  1. Joooiiin ussss….
    Seriously, Travelers are back on track (kind of). We are mature and funny, bit inactive, but lately its getting better. And we LOVE hunters unconditionaly.
    So, if you want test run, you are welcome to join if only for time till you find better suited company.
    I will try to catch You online!

  2. Oooh, I’d like to take you up on that. :) It’s a terrible thing to be hiding from your “guildmates” for fear of being immediately asked to do a SM run as soon as you log in.

  3. You actually wind up with more goodies saving the Little Sisters.

    Plus, how can you kill something that looks like an evil Alice in Wonderland?

  4. …because I’m evil? :P But more goodies is good. I’ll put aside my Little Sister-killing impulses and do the right thing.

  5. I’m evil too, which is why I feel a love and kinship for creepy little evil Alice in Wonderland lookalikes.

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