• uathsaille

    Thanks – they’re WONDERFUL. I am so taken with them! I’m trying to get some video to post, but being nocturnal they don’t take well to having bright lights on them, and it’s too dark to capture video otherwise, so no luck yet. I’ve just been trying with my digital; I think I’ll have to drag out the camcorder and do it properly.

  • bellanna

    My goodness that rattie is huge. I don’t think I have ever seen one quite so big. Are they tame enough to pet?

  • uathsaille

    They don’t really like petting and certainly not holding, although they are friendly and tame. They’re not Gambian rats, they’re Cricetomys Emini, which are gentler. I think they’re about two feet long, overall – not as huge as some of the Gambians, but they are young.

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