Best spam of the day:


A man with a 7-8 inch penis is better able to stimulate and satisfy his partner than a man with only 5-6 inches. Don’t get left behind! Be the best you can be today! Order Zenextend risk-free! Improve your performance today with Zenextend, the #1 choice for penis enlargement.

Well, yeah, that was the high point of my evening. The funny thing was, this came from “Support” regarding “your inquiry.” How the hell does anyone make any money off stupid spam like this? I get, on the average, 100 to 150 of these a day. I probably delete real mail from my friends and family while I’m wading through all the crap. I’m against governmental interference, but really…something should be done.

Aside from that, the evening’s been shit. No surprise there. It’s the small things that you really miss, isn’t it? No one to talk to in the evenings. No one to see the new Lara Croft movie with when it comes out (no one that I can drool over Angelina Jolie with, anyway). I’m bored. I’m extremely depressed. And everyone is so far away.

Do you ever feel as though you were newly skinned? Raw, and vulnerable to the slightest touch? Not a great feeling.

1 thought on “BETTER SEX”

  1. *hugs*

    I would call you if I had long distance, which I don’t. But if you’d like to talk you can always call me.

    Hoping things get better soon.

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