3 thoughts on “Best thing I’ve read all day”

  1. Christ! I think I’d HAVE to have said something to her. And I WOULD have called the police on her.

  2. lol…that was SO how I would react, being too polite/scared to have a real fight with her. I’d probably yell at her and then panic and walk out, tattling on her on the way out. hehehe…what can I say? My momma didn’t raise us to fight in public. :) And I loved the little fantasy sequence in the middle. Perfect.

  3. In my fantasy world, I would’ve slapped her so hard her feet went out from under her and given my card to the little kid with a quick ‘Call me if she ever slaps you again, and she’ll get that again!’ Of course, then my Vengeance Woman cape would billow out heroicly behind me as I left the store.

    I loved the fantasy sequence too. *heehee* It reminded me a bit of that David Gray video where his head wibbles off. *hee*

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