best. paragraph. ever.

From Massively this morning: The Anvil of Crom: Family Unfriendly

Age of Conan is ultimately a very European game, and as an American I couldn’t be happier about that fact. I mean this literally, as it was developed by those crazy vikings at Funcom, but also in terms of attitude. Across the pond, there’s very little uproar when a woman bares her breasts, whereas in the States, woe be to the purveyor of nipplage who doesn’t first think of the children. Thankfully, Funcom didn’t give a dead rat’s tail about censor-related clucking, and delivered a game that unabashedly celebrates the neck-bearded internet nerd upon whose hairy back the MMORPG genre was founded.

Very, very funny. And quite true, as well (speaking as an American who quites appreciates living in a country where everything isn’t as sanitised and censored).

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