Bending Gender in MMORPGs

According to the WoW Gender-Bending section of the Daedaulus Project, which I just stumbled across:

“Men over the age of 18 are more likely to gender-bend (10%) than men under the age of 18 (25%). Players who gender-bend score significantly higher on the Customization and Mechanics motivations than players who do not gender-bend. In other words, the two primary reasons why players gender-bend are to be able to be more stylish and to optimize their character (via gifts?).”

lol…this is soooo funny because I know people personally who do this. I’m ashamed to admit that I, personally, know complete sluts who used their female characters to whore for gifts and help from higher-level males…how totally non-PC, how shameful. *snicker*

Actually, it’s kind of like real life, I suppose…if you’re a real girl, anyway. It’s a bit more difficult to pull off as a cross-dresser than as a WoW Night Elf. Cover Girl just doesn’t have the camouflage power of really good computer graphics.

Skanks…you know who you are…

5 thoughts on “Bending Gender in MMORPGs”

  1. wandringsoul

    Yeah yeah…so SUE me! All I’m doing is putting to good use the tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years from the ‘fairer’ sex, who use every single wile at their disposal to get what they want…


    How fickle is woman!

  2. Wiles are one thing…a Night Elf prostitute is entirely another. “Oh, poor widdle me, I’m only a Level 12, can some big bad warrior help me do this quest? Oooh, free armour? A bespelled sword? Gold? Awwww, you’re so nice to this widdle girlie elf. Do you like my thong?”

    Skank, I say! :P

  3. wandringsoul

    Again I say ‘Tch!’ You were using tricks like that LONG before me, or my Night Elf!

  4. I’ve actually chosen male characters in some games as then I get left alone and can just play. While as a girl player I find I get messaged in game and bothered to join clans. Luckily the game I currently play has such a large number of female players it does not seem to happen.

  5. It was quite amusing, watching Phil playing a girl and seeing how many guys would just give him all this shit that they’d found or earned. He even received compliments on how cute he was…it’s a stock character, for gods sake!!! lol…

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