Being a Boy

I created my first male character that I actually felt comfortable playing this weekend.  I’d wanted to try druid, as they have such versatility as a hybrid class, and I was bored with the night elf starting area, so I created my tauren druid.  Honestly, there’s not a huge amount of physical difference between male and female tauren, not like the humanoid races in Warcraft…I can’t handle the grotesquely huge chest and arms, and the pissed-off and/or constipated faces that most of the male characters have.  Plus, I relate to characters very personally, so I always play females.  This guy was different…from the start, he had a personality and a bit of a story to tell.

He’s a shy type, very sweet despite his looks; he can usually be seen sitting under a tree with his nose in a book.  His family don’t understand him, and his father won’t speak to him because the boy has a serious lack of testosterone.  He’s a daydreamer.  He can fight, but he will go out of his way to avoid fights…he’s a flower picker and a bookworm and a bit of an artist.  I like him.




4 thoughts on “Being a Boy”

  1. LOL…I just realised that he sounds an awful lot like Ferdinand, from the old childrens books about the pacifist bull that just wanted to smell the flowers all day. From the depths of my childhood? Perhaps. :D

  2. Fernando! I think its hard to invent something entirely new, there always were someone before you with exact same idea… In fact my cowie druid also started as peace-loving piece of beef, world (of Warcraft) changed him, thou.
    Have muchos fun with your new boy-toy!

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