Being a Boy

I created my first male character that I actually felt comfortable playing this weekend.  I’d wanted to try druid, as they have such versatility as a hybrid class, and I was bored with the night elf starting area, so I created my tauren druid.  Honestly, there’s not a huge amount of physical difference between male and female tauren, not like the humanoid races in Warcraft…I can’t handle the grotesquely huge chest and arms, and the pissed-off and/or constipated faces that most of the male characters have.  Plus, I relate to characters very personally, so I always play females.  This guy was different…from the start, he had a personality and a bit of a story to tell.

He’s a shy type, very sweet despite his looks; he can usually be seen sitting under a tree with his nose in a book.  His family don’t understand him, and his father won’t speak to him because the boy has a serious lack of testosterone.  He’s a daydreamer.  He can fight, but he will go out of his way to avoid fights…he’s a flower picker and a bookworm and a bit of an artist.  I like him.





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