Behind the Box

Yesterday I got home from work, closed the door, sat down on the floor and cried.

I say this not to be all emo and sympathy-seeking, but to illustrate the personal cost behind all of the games, sites and other software that we all take for granted.  It’s easy to see the Big Business side of it (otherwise known as Blizzard Is Ripping Me Off)…”I paid my £39.99 for this game, I pay my monthly subscription, and these bugs and downtime aren’t fair, the lazy bastards don’t fix anything, I want my money back,” etc., etc.

What you don’t see is the personal cost behind the games that you play.  Yes, someone is making millions off that social networking site or piece of software…but I guarantee you that behind the box is a team of people that were working too hard for too little money, against impossible timeframes.  Most of those people, if they do their job right, care deeply about every bug and about every issue that affects your gameplay and pleasure.  They care because they’ve put heart and soul into their bits of the project…you couldn’t do it otherwise.

So, anyway…just my two cents, and something that I’ll have to remember next time I curse Blizzard for affecting my gameplay.  :)

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