Beautiful Day

Another gorgeous day. We’re in what is kind of the second phase of English spring: the first being daffodils everywhere, and tiny lambs in the fields, the second being the pink and white blossom on the trees lining the lanes of many of the towns and villages. I love it – I just wish it lasted longer.

Thought for the day: old people tend to leap like frightened deer into the path of oncoming traffic, then suddenly revert to an advanced state of decrepitude so they can spend five minutes tottering across the road, blocking traffic. What’s up with that?

Last night Aja, after pulling at my pants leg for a while, jumped into my lap and then onto the desk, where she stuck her face into a glass of vodka and pepsi (yeah, I know – disgusting), and then peed like a racehorse all over my desk. I was playing, and I had to ask everyone to wait for me while I ran downstairs and got her a glass of water.

Almost Friday…and I am very glad of it.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Day”

  1. wandringsoul

    With her normal aversion to anything sweet she must have been thirsty to drink vodka – unlike a couple of rats we’ve known who actively sought out Scotch…

    : )

  2. No, they’re very noisy at night. We used to have them on the top floor, where the guest bedroom and computer rooms are, and they’d shake the floor – they’d also screech at each other all night. We moved them down to the front room on the ground floor, which is now the rat room. :)

  3. I’ll have to post that video someone, the one of the little ratties scooping up scotch in their hands and drinking it. :)

  4. I still havent heard a peep out of Gambit scence I got him. I dont knwo why he is so super quiet.

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