Bank holidays rock

Friday and Monday off for the Easter holiday. I don’t even care that I don’t get paid for them, being on contract rather than salary. Being an American, I’m not always aware of what are bank holidays, and when someone on the team at work mentioned that they were going to have Friday and Monday off, my first reaction was “you’re shitting me.” My second reaction was “woo hoo – a long weekend!” lol…yeah, ignore the timeline, I need the extra time off. :)

Had an interesting meeting yesterday with some people who are interested in working with us on development, as part of a partnership of universities and commercial institutions. We can have access to developers, mobile development resources, advice and kit, and game developers through the universities. Very nice.

I just made a hunter on a new realm, Eonar. If anyone was, well, considering playing Warcraft, and wanted a friend to play with, that is a new-ish server (Europe only) with lots of room. *hint hint*

Got to have lunch – I’ve been fighting massive headaches.

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