Bank Holiday Wish List

Four days off in a row…I am so looking forward to this. Even though the weather is terrible, I don’t care.

We have to do some work on the house. I got ambitious one day and partially plastered the entrance hallway, which now looks terrible. What I think I want to do is:

1. Finish the plastering, of course.

2. Paint the sky with trompe l’oeil sky and clouds.

3. Possibly continue the sky below the mouldings down to an actual painted scene on the walls – could be over-stretching my free time and energy, possibly a bad idea. The what-do-you-call-it, the wooden thing that runs around the walls, is that a dado rail? Anyway, that thing and the trim and doors are in a dark wood – might be nice to make the whole thing look like a gazebo that you can see through to the garden or fields beyond. Perhaps make it a Wonderland theme…I’ve thought about that, too. I just wanted something fun.

4. Clean, re-grout and seal the really beautiful Minton tile floor that is underneath the hall carpeting.

5. I want to paint shelved books on the backs of some of the doors upstairs, as well – old books and crystal balls and things, like a bookshelf in a wizard’s study.

6. I need to print off my sepia naughty Victorian postcard images for the bathroom, to complete the Victorian whorehouse red-gold-black theme. :) We have rag-rolled deep red walls, black lacquered trim, black and gold door, gold mirrors, and I want to get a red and black oriental carpet for the floor (this is a bedroom-sized bathroom with a clawfooted tub).

Well, back to reality. :) Our free time and energy are in relatively short supply nowadays.

4 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Wish List”

  1. dryadmeagenn

    You can get stick-on pictures for doors–I think you should be able to get one that looks like shelves of books. They cover the whole door on one side. Check places that sell wallpaper… Then you can paint crystal balls and stuff onto that if you wanted to. :)

    The mural idea sounds gorgeous–it’s the type of thing I’ve always wanted to do in my house–and will when I finally buy a place of my own.

    The whole place sounds beautiful….

  2. Good idea. :) They also make sutff that is 3D, like the spines of books, that ou can use – that would be interesting.

    I want to do some murals like this.

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