Bank Holiday Weekend…and RAINING!!!

That really pisses me off. I worked last weekend, and it was gorgeous. I’m taking Monday off, as well. Woohoo – practically a whole vacation! lol…

I’ve been lazing this morning, curled like a cat in my chair in the front room (which normally we don’t use much), reading and eating scones with jam and clotted cream. Mmmmn. In a bit I’ll walk down to take back videos and do some shopping, and then out to the stable to see Kip. I was too wiped out last night to go out and see him, so he’ll be sulking. Plus he hates the rain; it makes him cranky.

Other than that, no real plans. Finish painting the computer room, perhaps. Or not. :) I may just curl up again this afternoon with a bottle of wine all to myself and some cheese and a stack of books. Oh, and chocolate, of course. I feel like a very self-indulgent day today.

Although being married, or living with someone longterm, loses some of the excitement of new relationships, there is definitely a tradeoff in terms of shelter and comfort, in knowing that you will always be there to take care of each other. And so, on a day like this, I could easily take a “me” day, knowing that P. will not feel lonely or slighted, and can happily have his own self-indulgent day playing on the PS2 or XBox. We’ll touch base occasionally, quick kisses and asking each other if they want anything.

No, it’s not heart-in-your-throat nerves. But it’s still very, very nice. Nicer still knowing that we can and do balance that with all of the very personal games and excitement…it’s a very good combination.

1 thought on “Bank Holiday Weekend…and RAINING!!!”

  1. *smiles* That sounds like a FANTASTIC day! :) Enjoy it. :)

    I think we’re gonna get stuck in with some serious renovation type things. *woo* Okay, so we *have* to. :) Have some chocolate for me too. :) *big hug*

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