Rain, rain, go AWAY. :(

Phil and I walked in the rain to do some shopping this morning, go to the library, get his hair cut, etc. Then back for bacon butties. (Admit it – you’re fascinated.) Then I went out to the stable.

I went to turn Kip out, since he hasn’t been out in a week and has grown horns and his eyes are glowing red. I was told not to by one of the instructors, as they had decided to reserve the turnout paddocks for the riding stable horses. Funny, they didn’t mention that last week when we talked about Kip going on full board because of the my new job; I DID specify that turnout was part of what I really needed. *grrrrrr*

So I lunged him in the arena, in the pouring rain, as he caprioled and bucked, screaming and grunting. I don’t think he had all four hooves on the ground at any one time. Then I tried to muck out his stall, which was impossible due to a large handtruck of stacked straw bales stored in front of all the liveries’ stalls. I’m tired of being treated like crap just because he’s not one of the riding stable ponies – I’m paying a LOT of money for this. Either take liveries, or don’t, but don’t treat them like shit.

I won’t even go into the episode where they used the livery section as a quarantine area for a pony with strangles.

So, I need to find another place for him, pronto.

The job is going well, although between the snow chaos and starting a new job, I feel exhausted after the week. My computer arrives next week, they’re setting up the test server so I can start playing with the ecommerce solution that they just purchased, and I’ll be able to start learning about Java and experimenting with java server pages and writing tags, etc. Everyone is very nice, although the older gentleman who I was working on the product database with referred to their new web developer as a “he” when talking to tech support. *sigh* Embarrassed that I’m female? I didn’t say anything at the time because I don’t want to be a stone bitch right off the bat, and I’m also cutting him a tiny bit of slack because he’s an older-generation IT guy. But that’s the last one he gets – next time we’ll discuss it.

I really, really want to go out to see Lost in Translation tonight, but I’m so wiped out.

2 thoughts on “Bah…”

  1. People making assumptions about the sort of work you should do if you are female really ticks me off, in my last job we did get the occasional ‘old school’ accountant who would insist on talking to a man.

  2. I know – I encounter that a lot. I don’t know which is worse – the old guys who assume I can’t do something like build a machine from scratch because I’m a woman, or the young techie guys who assume that I can’t learn new programming languages, etc., because I’m older than they are. Sexism and ageism. *sigh*

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