Terrible weather continues, last night with freezing rain. It made quite a strange sound as it fell, like a sizzling sound all around. I’d intended on riding, but it’s so very much colder at the barn, where it’s higher and the wind has a chance to pick up speed across the open areas. I need some serious cold-weather riding gear.

Anansi went downhill quite a lot last night, and is refusing to swallow again. He was still with us this morning, drank a bit but wouldn’t swallow any food. Phil and I were both in tears last night in bed. Poor sick rattie.

Got squashed quite comprehensively last night in game; made it through a dungeon, and then on the last boss that completed the quest I got killed. Couldn’t complete the quest, after all of that. So disappointing.

Big meeting today, to discuss the site with management. So far, we’re on track. :)

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