Not impressed by the news this morning about Adobe buying Macromedia. Adobe, although Photoshop is my life, still is too deeply rooted in print. Macromedia has always been about the web. Although I hand code, so I suppose it shouldn’t matter too much, I hate the thought of Adobe bastardising or crippling the only decent WYSIWYG editor out there. Are they going to kill GoLive in favour of Dreamweaver? Doubtful. And they had better keep their hands off Flash. :(

In other news, this amused me (I know nothing about his political stance on issues, I just like him because he seems like a real person rather than a politician): Boris Johnson.

If you were thinking the campaign was dull and unpredictable, at least
there’s Boris Johnson as an antidote.

The Times followed the Conservative candidate canvassing in Henley and
he exhibited his full range of unique, bumbling charms.

When a man who was cleaning his caravan with a toothbrush said he
wouldn’t be voting Tory, Mr Johnson’s reply was “Right-ho. Jolly good.
Carry on toothbrushing.”

As he departed, he said: “I think that went VERY well,” before humming
Is This The Way To Amarillo and doing some knee-bends.

On another doorstep, he said: “Hello, I’m your MP. Actually I’m not.
I’m your candidate. Gosh.”

Lol…Boris rocks. Weird though he may be.

And finally, doesn’t it figure that Phil would have lost his damn silver Byzantine necklace for months, then I order a new one for his birthday, and then he finds it again? Damn it.

2 thoughts on “Bah.”

  1. His first book about running in Henley was very funny. Some of his campaign literature ‘accidentally caught on fire’ in the back of his car.

  2. I really, really like him. I think he’s hilarious, and he actually seems to have a backbone of sorts – unusual for a politician.

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