I watched some fairly decent coverage of Badminton on TV. Just the cross-country, of course – the dressage is too “boring” to show. The trills and spills make better TV.

I was happy to see Bruce Davidson riding. He was one of my heroes when I was a kid. I think he’d already won his first World Championship by the time I was twelve or so. He was amazing. He still looked good, but not quite up to that level. It could have been just sheer bad luck, I suppose, although he had two falls. The second one was quite hard. Still, he’s out there, competing against kids that are young enough to be his grandchildren. Lucinda Green was doing some of the commentating – she is such a classy lady, and a world class competitor. She’s won Badminton six times; I don’t think anyone has even come close to her record.

Here are some pictures that I haven’t gotten around to posting.

It was Phil’s birthday on Friday, and we went to his parents’ house for a nice meal. Last night we went out and had a wonderful dinner for just the two of us, which was a rare treat. We won’t be able to repeat the experience any time soon, as we are VERY broke!

I don’t have to work tomorrow – woo hoo!!!

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