Badgers in Kara: Fun with Chess

This is what happens now in the Karazhan Chess event. As you finish it, you fall through the floor and end up in fun and interesting stacks of characters. And those sacrificial lambs on pawns, who probably die prior to the event finishing, no longer are able to take another chess piece…they fall through the floor, end up at Curator, and are then not present for the kill and don’t get badges of justice. Grrr…..

I am fifty badges short for my new crossbow, which is roughly two Karas and a heroic.  Everyone is bragging about their new badge gear, and I am reaping the rewards of being lazy and antisocial and not farming for badges.  :)

2 thoughts on “Badgers in Kara: Fun with Chess”

  1. I am: 65 badges from healy pants or 115 badges from healy mace. Sadly, in addition to being lazy and antisocial, I am also hybrid which means buying very nice ret libram/cape instead for hoarding badges to strenghten holy set.
    Ah yo, I am not going anywhere further than Zul’Aman so I dont really NEED new badge stuff. Still, its shiny.
    By the way, we did Chess on Thursday, and haven’t noticed any problems.

  2. Our guild is doing MH and BT, and I am still in (mainly) Kara gear…a lot of it leather. I can in no way keep up on DPS with the other hunters, who are quite well geared, and it really bothers me. I should have been running tons of heroics, so it’s my fault. :/

    The Kara thing was really weird.So I guess it’s just a strange bug that happened to us? Or perhaps it’s very intermittent. One of the most infuriating things with debugging code is trying to replicate errors – unless you can reproduce the exact combination of factors, you might never be able to see the bug happen, which makes it very hard to fix.

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