Bad Trion, Very Bad

Still no resolution from Trion on the port range issue, and no sign of them backing down and just reversing the stupid decision to use this range. I suppose that, as an American company, they share the insularity with the rest of the US that everyone outside the States doesn’t really matter. I mean, we know people exist outside the US, in a very vague, theoretical way…kind of like you know there are native tribesmen out there because you saw them on the Discovery Channel once. But you wouldn’t take them into consideration when making business decisions.

Although this specific issue is a Trion screwup, we have been dissatisfied with BT off and on for quite a while. The traffic shaping/port throttling issues are infuriating. I mean, to be completely honest we do do some downloading, and it irks to not be able to do it during the nights or weekends. And there is the issue of game patching quite often being seen as P2P activity (this has affected our ability to patch Warcraft over the years). So, I’m open to switching ISPs, but the week to two weeks that it would take is impossible. Phil freelances from home, for one thing, and I do web work. There is also the issue of being cut off from all gaming for a long period of time…hell, I start jonesing during visits home to my family, let alone when I am sitting at home with nothing to do! Seriously, how long does it take them to flip a switch and cancel your account?

Fie on you. Pah and fie. A pox on your house, etc., etc.



We’ve got a possible work-around that we’re going to try tonight. Since they are redirecting anyone who is blocked on the 6000 range ports to Port 80, which doesn’t fix the BT problem (you’re not blocked, it’s just throttled down to nothing)…theoretically if we blcok those ports ourselves on the software firewall, then it should go ahead and try Port 80, allowing us to play. Not sure if that will help anyone else stuck between Rift and a BT place, but I thought it was worth putting out there.

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  1. Yeah it has beena bit of a farse this issue but at least it was fixed in time for anyone new having the issue to see that they are trying.

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