Bad Timing

I’ve done no NaNoWriMo preparation at all so far due to the amount of work that I’ve had and also a bout of flu that just wouldn’t go away. I thought that I’d kicked it, but woke up again last night with a head like a rotten melon and a sick stomach. I’m done with being ill. Thank goodness I rarely get sick, because I readily admit that I am the world’s worst patient.

At this time last year I’d almost totally outlined my entire project, I had chapter titles, quotes, research, etc., all done and waiting. And this year? Nada. I think I’m going to leave it up in the air until November 1st and decide then what I can do.

Whoops…back to bed.

2 thoughts on “Bad Timing”

  1. I’m so sorry you’re feeling crappy, I hope you feel better soon!
    As for NaNoWriMo… why don’t you just put pen to paper (or fingers to computer) and see where it takes you? Sometimes it’s fun to just write with no plans. Who knows… it could be a bestseller in the making :)
    Good luck!!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it. *snorts at bestseller in the making* I think I’ll have to just wing it – I don’t want to give up before I’ve even started!

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